• Ready to Build
  • How can I get started with building my home?
    Use the following pricing information to determine your general budget.
    Provide us with a sketch, or sit down with us to discuss your design ideas.
    Have a preliminary plan and cost estimate completed.
    Make changes to preliminary plans and estimate if required.
    Have final plans drawn and contract for your Timber home. TOP
  • House Plans ~ Custom design pricing
  • Can I get a Preliminary Plan with a Price Quote?
    Yes. We need a basic sketch of the floor plan layout and an idea of the exterior look of the home to start a Preliminary Plan.
    If you do not have a sketch, it can be derived from some discussions to determine your requirements for the finished home.
    The cost for Preliminary Plans with a price quote ranges from $175.00 to $350.00 depending on the size of the home.
    Any fees paid for preliminary plans are deductible from the cost of complete plans (if we are contracted to provide them). TOP
  • Can you design my home, based on my ideas?
    Yes, all of our Timber Frames and Dovetail homes are custom designed and engineer approved.
    We will work with your ideas and our expertise to develop a custom design for you.
  • How much does the custom design phase cost?
    That's another question that is based on the size and design of the building.
    After the Preliminary design with a price quote is completed, the next step is to have complete plans drawn up.
    For starters - use $1.75 per square foot of the home and allow for more if the design includes site drawings.
    We will deduct the cost of the Preliminary design from the cost of the final plans so you are not paying twice for the same service. TOP
  • Timber Frame Pricing
  • How much does a completely finished Timber Frame Home cost?
    The finished (or turnkey) cost of a Timber Frame home can vary from $175 to $240 per square foot of living space depending on the design of the home.
    A fairly simple frame with a loft area will cost less than an elaborate design with hammer beam trusses. TOP
  • How much does it cost for just the Timber Frame itself?
    The timber frame by itself costs between $45 and $75 per square foot for basic designs, also depending on the design of the home. TOP
  • Are assembly costs included in the Timber Frame prices?
    No, the pricing for assembling the timber frame is estimated based on the final destination of the shipment as well as, site conditions and if you have a competent crew available to help.
    An estimate for assembly will be provided after the preliminary design phase has been completed and a site visit by our staff has taken place. TOP
  • Dovetail Log Home Pricing
  • How much does it cost for a completely finished Dovetail Log Home?
    The finished (or turnkey) cost of a Dovetail Log Home can vary from $160 to $220 per square foot of living space depending on the design of the home. TOP
  • How much does it cost for just the Dovetail logwork itself?
    The Dovetail Logwork by itself costs between $55 and $80 per square foot depending on the design of the home. TOP
  • Is the cost of Chinking included in the Log Shell price?
    No, Some clients prefer to install the chinking themselves. If you prefer to have the Chinking installed for you, the cost for materials and labour is calculated from the preliminary drawings of the home. TOP
  • Restoration Services
  • Do you Restore older Log Homes and Wood sided Homes?
    Yes. Go to our Restoration Services page for an overview of our services. TOP
  • What areas do you serve for restoring log homes?
    Our restoration services are available throughout Ontario.
    If the project is interesting, we may provide our professional services to remote areas. TOP